GemmaNY1  Hi, I'm Gemma Pierceand I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Tennessee.    "I'm southern throughout."  However, I have always enjoyed my travels to
New York City -"Go Yankees."

I love designing great feeling jeans. I grew up in the clothing world learning from my best friend my dad, Bradley Pierce. My dad, ever since I was born and even before made great custom clothing.
Several years ago he decided to start his own line of men's custom designer jeans. So, of couse I got involved and loved the time we spent together.

My dad taught me so much that I now design the best women's custom jeans. I love  designing jeans and I hope you will love wearing your GEMMA jeans.

       Girl's get your guy the best custom designer jeans -

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GEMMA jeans

Gemma Pierce, Founder GEMMA jeans
Rocky Stephens, Founder Pinnacle

                                                    GEMMA jeans studio is located at                              
                  3508 Maryville Pike
                 Suite B
                                                                                                                             Knoxville, TENNESSEE 37920

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